Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spread the word!

My Planned Parenthood: raise your voice. tell your story. July 7.

I will be participating.  You should too. Come back here on July 7th to read my personal Planned Parenthood story.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


 New York just legalized gay marriage!  I'm so happy and excited and glad and joyful!

How did people express their wholehearted glee before gifs?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Indy Pride

This Saturday was the annual Indianapolis Gay Pride Parade and I, of course, couldn’t wait to go.  While there I learned 3 things:
1.  When the Future Mr. Heather-pedia is being a grumpasaurus rex, he won’t take pictures for me.
2.  When grumpy, pouty-eyes won’t sway my grumpasaurus.
3.  I suck at taking pictures.
But here they are, as pathetic as my picture-taking may be, in all their Pride and Glory!
First we have our brave, out men and women in uniform.  We salute their sacrifice and their courage.
Yum.  What is it about a man in uniform?  Seriously?

We're a kind of pirate.
Next came the police officers. 
To protect and serve everyone!
This guy was such a hoot!  You can't tell from the crummy picture, but he is twirling a baton. He was in the parade last year, and was obviously so full of joy and life, you couldn't help but smile!

My sisters!

Reproduction Rights are a Gay Issue.  Gay Rights are a Feminist Issue.
This next one can be filed under "Not Sure if Sexist, or Reclaiming Patriarchal Imagery?

 Italian Pride Float

Dear Gay Guys, Please throw one back.  Love, Straight Girls
Kinder Pride
Guys marching for the Master/Slave float
Your kink is not my kink, but I respect your kink, sir. 
 As always, there were drag queens.  Every year these sisters manage to look more amazing and more fierce than the previous year.  I am, as always, in awe.

When I grow up, I'm gonna be President!
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor to present to you Miss and Mr. Gay Indiana
After the parade we went to the festival, where we met some weird, wonderful people and had a grand time, until I was caught trying to steal ice cream from a pack of Dykes on Bikes (it was 98 in the shade, people!  I plead temporary insanity!).   On the way, we ran into one of my oldest and dearest friends, Chad.
"Ohmigod shoez" "Bitch please!"  
I don't know what these guys were doing, but it looked fun!

Every time a state legalizes gay marriage a gay angel gets it's wings.
Finally, me and David decide to rest in the shade before heading home.  
So cute, and all mine!
And finally, Grumpy decided to grab the camera and get a shot of me.
Wonder Woman hat? Check.  Gay Pride shirt?  Check.  Cocky attitude? Check.

Happy Pride everyone!  Go hug a gay person!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is a Thing in the World, Part 2

This last week I’ve been out of town visiting relatives, so I have been disconnected from my computer and TV until last night.  Imagine my delight when male-turned-ally Stephen sent me a link to this:

I think I need another vacation.

Stephen covers a lot of the key points as to why this sucks in his blog post, so I’ll let you all read that and give him the page views.  I will say this, however.  Too often are feminists accused of hating men.  I find this hilarious because as a feminist I do not hate either gender/sex/identifier.  The people who really hate men are the people at the top of the patriarchal tower of power. They obviously must hate or have little respect for men if this is how they choose to portray men in their advertisements and television shows/movies/etc.  They are the ones calling men clownish, brutish, stupid, inept, emotionally stunted, and childish.  They are the ones who paint a media-saturated broad stroke that reduces men to sex-crazed beer guzzlers who crave a mommy-figure they can fuck in between making roasts and doing laundry.  This is the message They send about men.  Not me, the feminist.  I don’t reduce every man to a baby/idiot/douche bag.  Granted some men do behave as a idiot douche bag, but they live in a patriarchal culture as well as I do, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, even if I don’t especially want to talk to them. 

No, I won’t do what They do.  I won’t believe what They believe, because I don’t want men to be brainwashed into believing they are as the media says they are and abdicate responsibility.  I expect more; from myself, from media, from men, and from feminists.

I also expect more from my readers, which is why I am including the e-mail of the Klondike Bar Corporation.  Go forth and unleash hell, my sisters.